Wisconsin Fall Harvests

 There is something romantic about Wisconsin and Michigan.  Perhaps because they have always been so far away from me, sitting on Great Lakes that could be seas.  I have yet to go to Michigan, but each time I go to Wisconsin I feel as if I am embarking on some journey to a far off dream land.  Rich farmlands and the Midwest.  Last week I went on a journey to Wisconsin to pick apples.  I was barely across the border, but I will take what  I can get.  Apple donuts, cider, and Wisconsin brats later, I had picked the biggest bag of apples available.  Golden delicious that taste like elderflowers.  A half bushel of potential apple sauce, chutney, pies, and snacks, and a little bit of soil to sink my hands down into in dreamy Wisconsin.

Images taken at Oriole Springs Orchard in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, with the exception of the last image taken on a side road along the way.

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