Venice Beach Freak Show, California

I went through a phase a few weeks ago where I couldn’t seem to make flights.  Perhaps it was on purpose.  Sometimes I’m just not ready to leave.  That last flight I missed from L.A. to Chicago, welcomed my upcoming red eye to Philly then on to Chicago by adventuring in Venice Beach.  A good wander at sunset was the perfect way to end a week in California, and of course I found a freak show along the way.  A girl who got hit by lightening and nothing happened, now known as the electric girl, and the masochist who loves swallowing swords and putting hooks through his nose to mouth.  The two man live show was a sideshow and exhibit all in one, as creepy animals were on displayed as well as others a part of the show wandered around helping get the show started.  Some people miss flights and sit in airports, I go to freak shows.

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