Utah Documentary Photography: Population 800 on The American Guide

During the Great Depression, the US government created handfuls of programs to help keep people employed. From these programs, railways were built, public lands maintained, and a major project was undertaken called “Federal Project Number One”. This project consisted of five categories: art, music, theatre, writing, and a historical records survey. The most famous of the Federal Writers’ Project was a series created called “The American Guide Series”. Each state created guidebooks on their home, employing over 6,000 writers and photographers. The books had history and cultural aspects, as well as common touristic automobile tours, important attractions, and photo essays.


There is a group creating their own modern version of The American Guide Series. It’s a website, undertaking a┬áspin-off of the original Guide. Using documentary photography works from various photographers, they have created an on-line catalogue of places and events across America. It’s a fun way to digitally explore areas before you visit, or find places you’ve never heard of before. Oh, and why you’re at it, check out the write up they did on my small towns project in Utah, Population 800.


Population 800 is a personal project I have been working on for the last seven years. If you want to see more work from my project, you can find it on various other blog posts and galleries. A couple examples of where to see the work in the past and present:

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