Food Photography Salt Lake City: Communal Restaurant (Provo, Utah)

When I first started photographing for restaurants, Communal was one of the first that I reached out to in order to shoot some portfolio work. I started off by doing some restaurant location photography, eventually returning to do some food photography. Over the last year, I have been hired by Heirloom Restaurant Group (which Communal is a part of) to create photographs of their restaurants and curate their social media content. It’s been a lot of learning, and a lot of forcing myself to push harder. It has been nice to not only branch out from doing food photography Salt Lake City, but expand to Utah County and all over Utah.

Over the last couple of days, I have been redoing portions of my website. I have been moving around sections and updating ignored portfolios with current work. As I have been editing and digging through images, it has been fun to see progress. Comparing some of the same dishes of the restaurant, and how I have learned how to photograph and edit them differently. I love seeing my work evolve over time. Sometimes it’s hard to step back and see progress, but here just looking at the previous links it is fun to see how things have changed.

I get to visit Heirloom’s restaurants on a near monthly basis and create imagery for social media and of new menu items. This is a collection of images taken at brunch a couple of months ago. If you haven’t stopped into this neighborhood restaurant, I would recommend it. Especially for brunch, where it feels like the entire community came out for a meal.

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Christine Armbruster is a Twin Cities restaurant photographer. She makes documentary style and studio images for food brands and restaurants. To see more of her work and how she blends her documentary style with commercial clients, please visit her website.
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