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For the last couple of years, I have been photographing over at Communal Restaurant. Doing food photography has been so much fun with them. The light and design of the space lends to some of my favorite restaurant photography shoots I have done. They were actually my first photoshoot I ever did for a restaurant, and then we just continued to work together since.

Prior to this photoshoot, the restaurant group went through some changes and wanted to reflect that a bit in this shoot. We went for a very different look than before. Creating a totally different look than the typical light and airy images we have done before for the group, we were dark and moody. Part in creating a mood for the winter menu, but also to do a 180 and a little more experimental for the new brand. The menu did a 180 as well. Moving away from the traditional meats of chicken, pork, and beef, the chefs at Communal changed things up a bit. Duck, rabbit, venison, and lamb started to take over the menu. At the time of photographing, the only chicken were chicken hearts as an appetizer. I’m not sure if they are still on the menu, but if they are, it’s worth trying at least once.


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You can book a reservation and see the local, seasonal menuĀ on their website. Or you can see the other delicious things the restaurant group is doing on their group site.

Christine Armbruster is a Twin Cities restaurant photographer. She makes documentary style and studio images for food brands and restaurants. To see more of her work and how she blends her documentary style with commercial clients, please visit her website.
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