New Website Update: Travel Photography

By this point, I think this travel photography update might be old news. I spend most of my summer traveling heavily. Heavily as in seven countries over the course of three months. With the exception of one trip through the Alps where I hit multiple countries in one go, each country was for at least a week if not longer. Trying to stay in one place or do one activity to really get to know a location. If I had my way I would spend a month or more in each place. But perhaps that will be saved for more travel this fall or spring.


At some point along the way, I updated my website. It’s a bit of old news now that I have a million more photos to go through and do another update. In the meantime, go check it out. The portion I updated was my travel photography section. It involves images from here and abroad. Go check it out before it all changes photography, travel photographers, utah travel photography, utah travel photographers, salt lake travel photographers, commercial photographers, local commercial photographers, salt lake commercial photographers, utah commercial photographers

Images from my website. Locations from left to right: Alaska, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Utah, Iceland, Russia, Washington.

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