Train Platform: Somewhere in Siberia

I have spent a lot of time recently on trains.  As in roughly 6 of the last 11 days.  That is the beauty (and curse) of the project I am currently working on and the vastness of Russia.  I would say that it is both beautiful and miserable to be on a train.  However, half of that is a lie and just sounds nicer than saying I love being on trains.  There is a certain romanticism to them.  Everybody traveling and the moments you look forward to getting off for 12-50 minute stops every 5-13 hours.  You look forward to those moments to meet other people from other wagons and trains.  Yesterday I met a man from the post train on the connecting platform.  He spends his whole life on the train.  Today I met a family traveling 6 days by train to spend five with their grandparents.  It’s nice the people you met and the extra time you have.  There is no obligation of having to go work, no obligation of previously planned meetings, just you and them standing along the window for hours in broken Russian conversation.  Nobody having anything else better to do than make friends.

That being said, I have grown to become more comfortable on the train than in apartments.  I sleep better.  It’s both scary and exciting to feel this way.

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