Sunshine Bagels

I have been craving comfort food lately.  Moving into a new place where I don’t really know anyone or anything about the city itself, I am dying for the things that are familiar.  Familiar tasting or full of memories of the comfort of good friends and good days.  One of these cravings are the adored Sunshine Bagels, a food taught to me by a great friend, and fantastic documentary filmmaker, Kara Henderson.  They just taste a little bit like sunshine.

Sunshine Bagels:

1 everything bagel, toasted

cream cheese to spread

1/2 alvocado

garlic salt to taste (I like a lot, personally)

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One Response to “Sunshine Bagels”

  • karonious says:

    the immortalization of a bagel (that i named) is what every bagel needs to get ahead in the world.

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