Sunday Brunch

Sundays are my favorite.  My restaurant is closed, most of Utah is closed in fact, resulting in leaving me to sit at home and work on things here that I have been meaning to do all week.  The best part of the productivity (or oftentimes, lack of) is the brunch that happens to kick off the day.  Brunch is my all-time favorite meal.  It usually follows sleeping in, for one, and consists of just about anything you want.  There is nothing wrong with a brunch burger, french toast, crepes, or even a sandwich.  If it involves an egg, toast, or bacon it’s fair game no matter how sweet or savory.  Sunday’s brunch was no exception of putting together whatever we could imagine and calling it brunch.  This dish, via my lovely roommate Brittany, involved an egg and mushroom puree over a crab cake and fingerling potatoes with pickled asparagus and peppers as a side.  Just another Sunday here in our house.

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