Soviet Apartment







A few years ago I was introduced to one of my favorite photographers, Olga Chagaoutdinova.  She photographed in some of my favorite places and some of my dream places and repeatedly.  For three years she went (or maybe just stayed) in Russia and photographed the interiors of people’s homes.  It fascinated me to see how much the interior of someone’s home could tell such a large story about their lives.  Since then I have paid more attention to the insides of people’s home.  How things are set up, the trinkets, the color coding of threads in a drawer, the icons we decide are important enough to put on the walls.  This is why I also love documentary photography, with environmental portraits that include some of these elements to tell a full story.

These images were taken in a friend’s apartment in Moscow.  Not quite the same caliber of Chagaoutdinova, but interesting nonetheless.



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