Russian Winter

I had always heard the winter in Russia was the best.  People would be so curious as to why I was in Russia during the summer because winter was so much better and so much more real.  I had hoped that one day I would return to Russia for the famous winter, but never thought I would be here so soon.  Due to a series of events, here I am for a couple of weeks, right when I thought I would be done traveling for a while.  I’ll be helping a friend out and taking care of her 12 year old boy here in Moscow as well as doing a handful of photography work here and there.  It should be a glorious two weeks while I experience real Russian winter and see if it’s really the truth that the colder it gets the better it becomes.  Tomorrow: High -18C and a low of -25C.

Image taken of a church on a hill passed with driving through northern Moscow while running errands today.  The blue sky means it was far below freezing, because when it is not, apparently the sky is gray which is one of the reasons why colder is better.

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