Russian Mormon Videos: Тимур Кодиров – Бизнесмен и Мормон [one of five]

Over a year ago, I went to Moscow, Russia with The Church of Jesus Christ and Brigham Young University to create a series of five short documentary videos about Mormons in Moscow.  They are being released currently, so I will continue to “release” them on my blog one week at a time.  Subtitles are available for those non-Russian speakers as an option on YouTube.  However, I can’t seem to figure out how to embed videos on the blog.. so if any of you have some hints on how to do so, please share!  In the meantime, either click on the image or the link below.
 Jed Wells, director, photographer, editor, and mentor
Jonathan Wright, camera and assistant to the director
Christine Armbruster, camera and photographer
Jake Justice, music
Joseph Belliston, Sound mix
Kaleidoscope Pictures: Color correction

BYU Alumni Mentored-Learning Sponsors: 
BYU Alumni Association, Marriott School, Multiling Foundation, More Good Foundation, Chad and Bethany Packard.
Still taken while doing tests.
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