Ragout, Moscow::Рагу в Москве

Yesterday my dear friend Gloria (whose boy I’m watching for the next two weeks) and I decided to have a day of adventure.  It started off with the metro to center where we wandered around, went to appointments, and coveted over all the beautiful fur coats we saw on the street.  Someone once told me that when it’s cold nobody cares what you look like just as long as you’re warm when it is as cold as it is here.  They apparently have never been to Moscow.  We wandered around downtown and went out to a business lunch at this delicious restaurant called Ragout.  It’s a restaurant with a new upcoming chef, bringing a balance of simplicity and complexity to the table while using traditional Russian foods.  Hints of molecular gastronomy and attention to seasonal foods.  Naturally, we ordered a little bit of everything and I ended up photographing it all.  Absolutely delicious.

 Glazed pumpkin and brussel sprouts with a mushroom puree over potato sauce.


 Mushroom soup.




 Beet soup with pine nuts.




 Eggplant, tomato, and goat cheese form with arugula.


Cafe Ragout

Bolshava Gruzinskava Str. 69

Metro station Belorusskaya

Moscow, Russia


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