One Day I Will Marry a Butcher

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions on this one.  For some reason I just decided that would be the most appropriate thing to do.  I love to photograph butchers.  For some reason I just can’t get enough.  So, what would be more appropriate than marrying a butcher?  Maybe becoming a butcher?  I did learn about butchering pigs the other day (pictures to eventually come of that too).  If I marry a butcher, then I can become like that photographer who only photographed his wife in the last part of his wife.  Except my husband would conveniently be a butcher.  Best of both worlds.  Enough said, now onto the brief ode/travelogue of butchers around the world, inspired by this first image taken in a mall yesterday.

Moscow, Russia (did I mention this is in a mall?):


 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (aka future Christine):


 Sarajevo, Bosnia (these two shops were right next to one another in the market):


London, England (one of the many eligible butchers who I might marry):


Well, enough of that weird burst of confession hour about my love for photographing butchers.

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