Mushroom madness [гриб безумие]










I was told that mushroom season is at the end of the summer.  Around August, the city fleas to the forest to pick as many mushrooms as possible and necessary.  They will then be cleaned and pickled for winter, eaten in every dish in the summer.  The longer you wait, the further you will have to travel to find a good selection of mushrooms.  This is called “mushroom hunting”.  One activity that I plan on doing while here in Russia.

Mushrooms are not supposed to be commonly found just yet.  It is not the season.  However, people have found them anyways and have already began to harvest them to sell in the city to those of us who don’t know how or do not have time to hunt.  There is a small corner on the way to metro from where I am staying in Yekaterinburg.  Along the way, these mushrooms have gradually sprung up.  First one old woman selling them, and then within a week, it seems as if the only food to buy is mushrooms.  It is said that they actually have flavor, unlike the perfect and modified mushrooms found in the supermarket.  Last week, the cutest old woman was found and we cooked using these mushrooms.  Two things I have been advised about: eating food off of the street and eating strange mushrooms.  Nobody died.  A few got sick, but I’m going to blame it on the “fisherman’s beer” that they drank with the mushrooms.



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