Friendsgiving and a Frisee Salad by MN Food Photographer Christine Armbruster

I am unsure as to when my friends became foodies.  Perhaps it was the community garden which made us snobs for the finest and freshest of vegetables.  Perhaps it was the stints of vegetarianism we all have been through which resulted in a lot of exploratory cooking. Or maybe it was one of us being introduced to something delicious and then spreading the word until we grew up and began to demand Trader Joe’s, cheese plates, and ethnic flair.  Really, I’m not totally sure. Whatever it was, I attribute those little (or big) influences as to why I am a food photographer.

Thanksgiving was no exception to our obsession with good food.  Perfectly roasted turkey, kale stuffing, frisee salad, homemade pies galore, and Cornish game hens. Each of us boasting which travel inspired which dish and who grew the most of the food on the table. I love my family and traditions, but seriously, Friendsgiving has put a whole new spin on the holiday.

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Frisee and Citrus Salad:

ingredients.. [toss together]

1 large grapefruit [peeled and wedges pulled out]

1 orange [peeled and wedges pulled out]

1 large avocado [diced]

1 head of frisee lettuce

1/2 cup roasted soy nuts

citrus honey vinaigrette

pinch of sea salt

citrus honey vinigrette.. [whisk together]

1/8 cup olive oil

1/8 cup apple cider vinaigrette

1/8 cup honey

2 tablespoons orange juice

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