Michigan, Michigan state.. how I’d love to live in you

There has been a song in my head for a while by Devendra Banhart in which the chorus is “Michigan, Michigan state.. how I’d love to live in you.  Oh I’ve never been to Michigan state, still I want to live in you.”  It pretty much sums up how I have felt about Michigan for a while now.  When debating where to live, there were two Michigan options, which Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota only had one.  Yesterday I decided I needed a road trip and that it was time to go to Michigan.  I packed up the car with my new medium format and headed to the other side of Michigan Lake.  There are a few images I only stole on my digital camera, the others will have to wait until that first roll of film gets developed.  You’ll just have to be patient, because I’m back on the film bandwagon.

The Michigan Visitor’s Center

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