Girl Scout Destinations: L.A. Foodies

Over the last week, I spent some time in Los Angeles helping run a program called Girl Scouts Destinations with Alpine Training Services (ATS).  I was with the “Foodie” destination, in which twelve girls from years 15-18 from all over the United States came to L.A. just to learn about food.  Many had an interest in food, some already attending culinary arts programs, others just fascinated by it.  It was fun to explore different foods and try new things (like Yak and all the seafood I’m scared of) as well as learn from one another in addition to the instructors.  I drove 15 passenger vans through rush hour, taught food photography courses, and kicked it with these great girls for a week.  We wrote Yelp reviews, food blog entries, and even participated in an Iron Chef competition.  It was an amazing week full of delicious things and great times.  Don’t worry, the next million blog entries will be from L.A.  So, enjoy!

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