Fishing in Alaska with Hanz: Commercial Photography

While in Alaska last winter, I got the opportunity to photograph for Hanz. They are a waterproof sock and glove company that I have been doing commercial photography for on a few shoots now. This shoot took place in Juneau, Alaska. It was great to be able to go out on location and use their products in a new setting to me, both in terms of location as well as in terms of concept.


I really love the idea of hunting and fishing photography. Not necessarily because of an interest in those things, but more so in terms of an interest in the story behind those sports. I love the story telling possibilities associated with the sport. We were off season for this shoot, so actually catching something wasn’t an option. However, I had a great little shoot and got to experience a beautiful river on Douglas Island near Juneau. Perhaps next time I will actually get to be out on a proper fish or hunt.


I went to Alaska primarily for a documentary project for Allied Feather & Down. It was really great to be able to shoot for a few clients and double up on this trip. It not only made the trip more affordable for a few companies, but also gave me an excuse to be in Alaska for a long time. I ended up spending 11 days in Alaska. A day scouting location, two days shooting, and then the rest in Hoonah. This is my second time to Alaska in three years. I think I am going to have to make a bi-yearly trip North. Next time: the Arctic Circle.




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Massive thanks goes to Jason, the model who not only helped suggest this location, but had incredible stories of bears and Alaska life. Plus, anybody who can catch king crabs and put them in his sea kayak with him is solid in my book. To check out these gloves and get a pair of your own, check out their website.

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