El Vaquero [the cowboy]

I live in a neighborhood called Pilsen.  Named after a Czech city, it originally was a Czech neighborhood, but since has become known as a weird blend of the Mexican neighborhood and the upcoming art district.  Tamale ladies standing in front of beautiful murals that pop up overnight. Art studios come out of the woodworks and it is nearly impossible to find any food that isn’t Mexican.  It is a great time.  Not to mention, there are seemingly no rules about blocking of streets for festivals, block parties, or just to set up a bouncy house and celebrate someone’s birthday.  There was one of these unannounced street fairs the other day, ends up it was a funeral (which I will post about later).  I found this man there, watching the whole spectacle of parades and street performers, enjoying a Corona infront of one of the many murals over our walls.

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