City Carnival

There is a wonderful/horrible tourist trap downtown called Navy Pier.  It’s an overpriced permanent carnival out on a pier with kitch restaurants, boat tours, and carnival rides.  I hate it because it is such a tourist trap, but I love it because it is a permanent carnival downtown with fireworks twice a week all summer long.  I recently headed down to Navy Pier to do some photographing for an upcoming project to be discussed at a later time.  But here is one of my outtakes from the shoot.

Also for your photographers out there, this is the new Kodak Portra 400 film (sans the VC/NC options).  Are the images generally this red or was that just how they got scanned?  I like it, but nervous about skin tones for future shoots.  Thoughts, reactions, input on this film that I am trying to replace my beloved 400 NC with.

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