Beit Lehem/Bethlehem Market Scene

While traveling through Beit Lehem, I got a little distracted.  I was set to see the churches, the sites, the “things to see”.  But I tend to get distracted.  Walking up the hill, I somehow missed it all.  I saw one side street that lead to the next, opening up to a large market.  Full of vegetables and delicious pastries, I got distracted.  I never made it to the sites.  I missed all of them, yet I missed nothing all at the same time.  I am realizing I am a terrible tourist.  Like the time I went to Paris and got distracted by the gelato and the crepes, never making it to the Eifel Tower.  I just get distracted easily.  Sometimes by food, sometimes by alleyways.  You just can’t have it all.  So I don’t even try anymore.




butcher, middle east markets, palestine, bethlehem, documentary photography, street photography, travel photography

Don’t worry, this butcher asked me to photograph him.  They are onto me.

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