Metallurgy Day: Krasnouralsk, Russia

I have a new favorite holiday: Metallurgy Day.  The holiday is to celebrate the town of Krasnouralsk (other towns have the same holiday) and the copper smeltering plant there.  I was not sure what I would think of the holiday as it is a small town and I had high hopes despite pessimistic outsiders.  It ended up being the most fantastic holiday I have ever experienced.  The previous night started out with finding a small concert in a park.  The band was one we had previously filmed and knew.  They announced that Americans had come and  invited us on stage to sing with them.  It was a fantastic night, seeing many people who we had met from previous visits to the town.  I had dreamed of a “family reunion”, thinking that would be the best scene for the film I’m working on.  We would get everyone together who we had interviewed or filmed, put them all in one room and cook a delicious meal and enjoy it together.  I feel like this is as close as I will get to this dream.  Nearly everyone I had met in Krasnouralsk was there, singing, dancing, having a good time.

The following day started off with a personal goal fulfilled: mushroom hunting.  There will be a blog post about this for sure later.  After there was a parade.  I am going to imagine that they imported people to this town of 30,000 to fill this parade as well as all the people who watched it.  Either that or each person who lives there was involved.  Following was a large concert with both local bands as well as famous pop stars.  Everybody was singing, dancing, and just having a fantastic time.  All of this ending, of course, with not only fireworks but a laser show.  If there is any holiday that was ever done right, it was this one.



















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