4th of July, Russia Style

















Yes, the 4th of July was now 4 days ago, but I am going to pretend like the 4th of July is like Halloween, where you kind of celebrate it for a week, maybe even stretching it out to two.  The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  Not because I’m particularly patriotic (says the girl currently in Russia), but because I love the feeling and celebrations of it.  The BBQs, parades,  swimming in lakes, getting together with friends and lighting fireworks.  It’s nice.  This year is my first year outside of the US for the 4th and I was a little sad about it.  Each year I traveled, I made sure that I have to be back in time to celebrate.  However, this year I stayed out of the country and was still determined to celebrate.  I spent the day with Dasha and Natasha and Tree, eating watermelon, drinking Coca-cola and going on a quest for some Russian BBQ (shashleek).  It was still glorious.  Maybe even more fun, as I got to show some of our Russian friends how to celebrate the day.


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