Diner [San Dimas, California]

A diner in San Dimas, California

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Southwest Photo Tour

    I am moving! Heading out to the West Coast via San Antonio. I will be in San Antonio from 19-22 September and then will have a flexible course out to Los Angeles. So if anyone would like some photography along the way. Either fine prints dropped off, a family photoshoot (Christmas cards will […]

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Early Afternoon in Sawyer, Michigan

I am leaving the Great Lakes soon, heading back West. I have loved this region, but I have missed the desert as well. I have less than a month left here (I guess I could announce now that I’m moving to L.A.?!), so I have been trying to spend every moment possible with all these […]

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Strawberry Picking in Wisconsin

Strawberry season is over. Maybe I am feeling nostalgic while I eat the last few of my frozen lot, gleaned from a field in south Wisconsin, turning me to take a second look at some images from the day. There is nothing quite like picking berries, hands stained from the juices. But, there will always […]

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Van Buren State Park, Michigan

Sometimes I think I just moved to the wrong part of the Great Lakes. Tree lines falling into the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, I don’t know if I can think anything but that Chicago was a bad decision. I love Chicago, but nothing competes with a foggy day in Michigan’s forest.   [Images taken […]