Forget What I Said

Forget what I said about discontinuing the use of this blog..  I didn’t mean it.  And, let’s be honest, WordPress is the best when it comes to blogging.. other things just don’t compare.  So keep this blog book marked, ignore the new one.. it was a temporary solution.  I have solved all my problems with this blog, […]

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Vladimir Preshepha (Владимир Иосифович–Кто такие мормоны?)

I cannot believe I never posted the 5th and my favorite of the short documentary series I created while in Russia two summers ago.  This one is of Vladimir Preshepha, a former Russian cosmonaut.  They were a series of videos created with Brigham Young University for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints, sending me to Moscow to complete […]

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Pilsen for “Why So Red?”

I recently was asked by the blog “Why So Red?”  to do some collaborating, featuring the different parts of Chicago with Eastern European influences.  Whether architecture, restaurants, or just a good shop full of all your Balkin needs.. we will be working on finding them.  It will be a series of adventures and pierogis.  The first neighborhood […]

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The Colorado River of Texas [Austin, TX]

While spending some time at home in San Antonio, Texas, I got to venture up to Austin for an evening of Stubb’s BBQ and watching bats fly out from underneath the Congress Bridge.  While waiting for the nightly exodus, I went for a wander around the parks to look at all the people out of […]

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LENSCRATCH Backyard Edition

LENSCRATCH is an on-line publication, hosting curated on-line collections of photographs.  Recently, they hosted a collection of images titled “Backyard”, it is a five part exhibition.. so there are a lot.  However, it was nice to be included in the first series!  View the whole exhibition on the LENSCRATCH blog.  

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So many things going on here

So many things going on here.  I totally revamped my photography website, my portfolio, my blogs, everything.  I have created two blogs now, just in case one wasn’t enough.  I have this blog here, which will forever be here.  So no need to forget it.  And then I will have my new blog, focused on […]

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ToneLit Issue 2–involving me!

There is this new on-line publication out of the U.K. called “ToneLit“.  They feature beautiful photography from around the world, simply and through their website.  They have only had two issues, but I got to be a part of their second issue!   Featuring a few images from my “Mortar Shells and Cigarettes” exhibit, they published […]

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