Fototazo Publication!

Fototazo is a fantastic on-line source of photography.  Featuring photo essays, individual images, and one of my favorites is a series of stories behind individual images—which I got published in yesterday!  I wrote a short essay about the story behind one of my favorite images of two children on a carnival ride in Sarajevo, Bosnia […]

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Throw Back: Gold Mining in Elko, Nevada

  I do a lot of cool and crazy thing.  And sometimes, I forget about some of those things.  Like that time I photographed in a gold mine in Elko, Nevada.  I was putting together a new portfolio and decided to dig out a few portraits to include and found all these gems (I know […]

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The Broken Down Car

A broken down car from a parade. Taken in Little Village, Chiago

A sad story that turns out ok in the end

Once upon a time I was planning a trip to Jordan.  I packed my bags, and committed to shooting my entire upcoming documentary project on film.  I took one backpack, filled one third with film, one third with cameras, and the rest with clothing and a toothbrush. Upon arrival, a series of events unfolded and I ended up living […]

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Spring or Summer?

I can’t decide if it’s spring or summer yet.  It feels like if summer is about to happen, but it is too hot for spring.  It is that awkward time where everybody pretends like it’s summer.  I leave my sweaters at home and brave the ride home on my bicycle at night because I don’t want to […]

Interview with D-Photo Magazine of New Zealand!

I got interviewed with the photography magazine out of New Zealand, D-Photo Magazine.  Check out some thoughts of my documentary project in Bosnia, Mortar Shells and Cigarettes, on their website.  What went into the project, reactions I had to the area, reasons why I took the photographs that I took.  It was a fun interview, […]

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Moving to Instagram

I have decided for simplicity sake, and for the sake of the ever changing great Social Media, to streamline my efforts all into one platform. I will be moving all blog posts, updates, and recent imagery to Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t follow me on either one, now would be a great time to […]

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Throw-back images taken at Fiesta on Main in San Antonio, Texas while traveling home to see family.

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Turkish Tailor

I once sat on the Asian side of Istanbul for a while in this man’s tailoring shop.  The whole time he mended pants, he fed me sweet rosehip tea and told me stories about his life.

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