Mohammad in the Living Room

Sometimes I would sit in this living room in the village and tell tongue twisters and jokes with Mohammad.  Tongue twisters are much harder in Arabic.

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Hebron, Palestine

Things in the whole Palestine/Israel area are interesting.  People are skeptical of one another, scared to do anything or go anywhere.  However, it is a place, just like any other.  There are good parts, bad parts.. it’s just the bad ones are extra bad.  However, it is nothing to be afraid of.  I met a […]

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Untitled Lamps [Three Lamps, Two Stories]

A found outtake from my Population 800 series. At some point I plan to do a series called, “Temporary Homes.”  This is one of the images from the future series, taken in Houston, Texas.  I bet you can imagine the theme.

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Dodho On-Line Magazine Publication! [Spain]

Check out the on-line photography magazine, Dodho, for a special feature by yours truly.  The magazine is originally from Spain, but publishes photography from all over the world.  They published my series of documentary photography from Sarajevo, Bosnia that I did a few years ago called “Mortar Shells and Cigarettes”.  I’m also right on their cover photo for […]

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While in Jordan I made this photograph one day while driving to the cave.  A young boy riding a donkey caring for his sheep.  I thought it was interesting in comparison to a throw-back image of mine, taken in the Dominican Republic of another shepherd…or cowboy I guess he would be called.  I loved the […]