Life in the Cave [an instructional post]

Many of you have been asking about Jordan.  My daily life, my living conditions.  So, I decided to do a post about it.. a “behind the scenes” if you will.  Living in a cave in the Middle East.  No electricity, no running water.  2 months.  Sounds hard, but mainly it was dreamy.  So, in photo […]

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Pilsenite, Henry

We have this thing called Pilsenites.  Those of us who live in Pilsen, Chicago.  During the end of summer, I was walking home from the great Pilsen neighborhood grocery store, La Casa Del Pueblo, and met Henry.  A true Pilsenite.  His family were some of the first in the originally Czech neighborhood of Pilsen.  Now it is […]

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Portrait of a Bedouin Man

A portrait made of a friend’s father in his tent in the garden. I made another documentary photograph of him later in my visit.. but this was my very first time meeting him early one morning after my drive into Petra.

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Wedding Day!

Today I get to join these lovely two people at their wedding in Oakland, California.  ..Check back in a handful of days for pictures from the wedding! Photos taken while picking apples in Wisconsin last fall.

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The Middle of Nowhere

Sometimes you just really feel like you are at one of the ends of the earth. [Image taken someone in Palestine on the road to Jerusalem]

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Glazed and Infused [West Loop, Chicago]

For a while I have had a small crush on Glazed and Infused.  Between their large painted logo on the side of the building in Fulton Market, and their deliciously brilliant doughnuts, it’s hard to help myself.  They sit across the street from my favorite fish market, and just tempt me every time I ride […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Go green! Eat your greens!

For a while now I have been discussing joining a co-op.  Fresh produce from farmers markets for a cheap price.  What is there not to love?  Mainly I have been too lazy to find one, to convince someone to go in on the shares with me.  But, alas, after five minutes of some research, I […]

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Green Acres Ranch [Crete, IL]

I have never been a horse person.  They were never something I was interested in, never really wanted to even ride one.  Maybe I am scared of them.  I just keep thinking of my ribs every time I walk by one and how so easily they can just kick and I would be smashed.  A good friend […]

Upcoming Texas Dates

Hello, Texans!  Looks like I will be in your lovely state 12-18 April… just in time for some Blue Bonnets.  If you are in San Antonio or Austin during this time and want some family pictures or senior portraits, contact me at info [at] christinearmbruster [dot] com  I will be running special offers with some […]

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Last Day in Petra

I thought I would spend my last day in Petra either smiling or crying.  But it was neither.  Much like Bedouin life, my last day was just like any other day.  There was breakfast to be made, blankets to put out in the sun, and supplies needed in the village. The only difference was that […]

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