More Turkish Fishermen

I know that I already posted some photographs of fishermen in Istanbul.. but I was going through photographs and decided I just needed to edit more.  There is just something nice and pleasing about the color of the sky and the lines of the poles.  The quietness of the fishing despite the wildness of the […]

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Bedouin Brothers Travel and Tourism Photography

Over the last two months I have been doing some work with Bedouin Brothers, a travel organization in Jordan.  They host eco tours throughout the country, from hiking to camels and rock climbing.  They sleep in caves and Bedouin tents, speaking handfuls of languages and cooking delicious foods over fires.  They currently have a website, […]

The Wailing Wall [Jerusalem]

Taking a vacation from my cave life in Petra, Jordan, I hopped on a bus and headed to Jerusalem.  Yesterday I went through many of the sites, checking out all the fantastically old and historic places I have heard about since a child.  One of these places was the Wailing Wall, also known as the Western […]

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Whirling Dervish: Istanbul, Turkey

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust Whirling Dervish at an outdoor restaurant as an exploration of traditional Turkish dances in Istanbul, Turkey.  Classically (and currently) seen in Sufi religious ceremonies.

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Wrist-rocket Kid

There’s a photograph by Diane Arbus that I just love.  It’s called “”Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park”.  She circled around this kid with her camera until he got so upset that she wouldn’t take the photograph.  Then she did.  And thus, the image and the expression.  It’s a beautiful image.  She made […]

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Spending time just spending time

The best photographs are taken of people you know well.  They are honest and real.  They tell stories instead of being shallow.  In a country I do not know, full of people I just met and a language I can’t speak, I spend a lot of time just spending time with people.  Sitting around small […]

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A man and his granddaughter

A Bedouin man and his granddaughter.  Taken in the mountains around their goat farm in Little Petra .  Image taken from an upcoming series about Bedouins in Petra.  You can find a couple more images hidden throughout my website.. consider it like teasers for the big show.

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Workers in other countries never fail to amaze me.  At home, trash gets put in a box and picked up by a garbage man in a truck.  In Turkey, it gets put in a box to be carried down the steep streets in those boxes by men with wheelbarrows, heaped to five times their size. […]

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