A Small Bedouin Family

There is a small family who lives near the cave where I live.  They are a father, his sister and bother, his wife and their two little girls.  Thy tend to the goats and live in the rocky mountain area.  I have been getting to know this family, spending time with them and photographing them. […]

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Butcher Shop Window Display [Amman, Jordan]

We all know how much I love photographing butchers.  I found this window display in downtown Amman and just couldn’t get enough of it.  I just love each one of their expressions and how they are all just stare right at you making these crazy faces.

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Wadi Araba [Lifestyle work for Bedouin Brothers]

I have been doing a handful of commercial photography work here in Jordan recently.  Surrounded by tourism agencies in Petra and people who are guides, I have had my fair share of free trips in exchange for photographs.  I have been able to go to places such as Wadi Rum, Aqaba, the Dead Sea, and […]

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Istanbul, Turkey Cityscapes

If I want to contrast and compare, I should probably post both places I mentioned in the previous blog post a couple of days ago.  And here is the rich, yet soft, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Jordanian Election Day

Today is election day.  Full of excitement, people out an about, and everybody sporting Jordanian flags, scarves, and photos of the candidates they will vote for.  Here they have a woman’s voting station and a men’s.  Down the road from one another, where you vote is separate and private.  The men sitting around, catching up with one […]

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Amman, Jordan Cityscapes

When I first flew into Jordan, I swung by Amman for a couple of days.  There was something totally amazing about the landscape to me.  The miles and miles of homes.  But contrary to Turkey, everything seemed totally the same.  The same design, the same colors, and the harsh light covering it all daily.  It […]

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Alive and Well in Jordan

I have been here a while… it has taken me some time to get reliable (free) internet, and thus the lack of updates from Jordan.  However, I am alive and well and living in a cave in the Middle East.  Don’t worry, pictures will come of that.  I am currently staying in Petra.  Pretty fabulous […]

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A forgotten pair of boots.

A forgotten pair of boots. 18th Street, Pilsen, Chicago

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Bridge of Fishermen [Istanbul, Turkey]

It seems to me that if there is a bridge in Istanbul, it is full of people fishing for the smallest (or largest, if you are lucky) fish.  From far away it looks as if it were an event, a group of people looking over the river at perhaps a large boat or just to […]

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Self Portrait no. 2

Self portrait no. 2 Taken on the Bosporus, separating the Asian and European sides of Istanbul

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