A Year in Pin-Ups (Juice ‘n Java 2012 Calendar in full)

This time last year I put together a calendar for the girl over at Juice ‘n Java over in Provo and Orem, Utah.  I’ve been gradually posting the images throughout the year, but figured I minus well put them together in one full post for your viewing pleasure incase you have been missing out all […]

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Self Portrait no. 1

While traveling through the Dominican Republic I took a self portrait a week.  Time to do it again. f Portrait

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Hey, Istanbul

It may have taken much persuasion and some Borek to persuade these ladies to let me photograph them.  But I did it.  In a back ally of Istanbul, I was drawn by the clothing streaming from building to building and managed to find these three ladies along the way.

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The Desert.

Today I am going on an adventure.  I will be going to the Arabian Desert to live with some nomads known as Bedouins, for a while.  I will have some internet, will update the blog some.  There are not a whole lot of guarantees.  Between shooting film and unknown internet and electric situations coming up, the […]

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Love, Me & My Camera.

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View From My Apartment

I love trying to finish a roll of film.  It allows me to casually photograph anything and everything that I find even remotely interesting.  Whether something on the ground or a building that I casually respond to.  There is no pressure to take exceptional pictures, no pressure to even exposure properly   Just to finish each frame.  This was […]

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City-Scapes, Los Angeles

Three buildings, taking somewhere in Los Angeles this previous summer.

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Somewhere on the border of Michigan lies this little truck stop diner.  I stopped by, after a long day of driving through Michigan and finding nothing I wanted to photograph.  Immediately I saw Jean and knew she was what I had been looking for all along.  So I sat right down at her bar, camera in hand, and […]

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Election Day

 I could not tell you what exactly was going on in this picture.  But I can tell you it was Election Day and many of the streets near my work were blocked off.

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Street Cleaner

I don’t really think he’s a street cleaner.  I’m not sure what he does at all.  I just decided that is what he is doing.

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