Limited Edition Juice ‘n Java Calendar—Let the pre-sale begin!

Friends, I only ordered 100.  I know you want one, I know you have a secret stash you have been collecting for the last three years now of your favorite Utah County baristas.  So if you want to keep the collection going, pre-order yours now.  Head into your favorite Juice ‘n Java on State Street […]

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Friendsgiving vol. 2 and Frisee Salad

I am unsure as to when my friends became foodies.  Perhaps it was the community garden which made us snobs for the finest and freshest of vegetables.  Perhaps it was the stints of vegetarianism we all have been through which made us develop new and unique ways to cook. Or maybe it was one of us being […]

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Touching One Another

I am trying to get better at photographing my daily life.  I have so many moments of people I will never see again, yet those closest to me and events I partake in, I have no photographs of.  I am attempting to remedy this.  While in Lincoln, Nebraska [the heartland] for Thanksgiving, I have made […]

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Friendsgiving vol. 1 [Happy Thanksgiving!]

I believe that the only way to eat pie is straight out of the pie pan.  One hot pie and a handful of forks.  There really is no other way. Images taken from a recent Friendsgiving in Orem, Utah.

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Weary Traveler

Leaving Chicago I knew I was about to be sleepy for a week straight.  So many photoshoots, so little time was ahead of me.  But, I did it.  One whole calendar, a day spent in a restaurant photographing, family shoots, and engagements.  If I have ever been a weary traveler, this was it.  I photographed […]

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Fourth Russian Mormon Video: Ваник — чемпион мира по каратэ. [Vanik — world karate champion]

The fourth of the videos is of Vanik Arutyunyan, a world karate champion teaching in Moscow. Credits:  Jed Wells, director, photographer, mentor, and editor Jonathan Wright, assistant to the director Christine Armbruster, camera, and photographer Joseph Belliston, Sound mix Kaleidoscope Pictures: Color correction The Bach unaccompanied cello suite was recorded and played by Mark Smith of […]

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2013 Pin-Up Calendar Test Shots

There is a seven story Macy’s department store that I pass by everyday which always have signs which say “Excuse our mess, something magical is in store” when they redo the window displays.  I feel like doing the same here while I am doing a million photoshoots here in Utah.  Except it would say something […]

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Third Russian Mormon Video: Евгения. 8 лет занималась велоспортом. Я мормон.

The third of the Russian videos.  This one is of Evegenya.  An eight year bicycle champion.  I got the luxury of editing this lovely lady’s video.  So, double enjoy this video as I not only shot but edited it! Credits:  Jed Wells, director, photographer, and mentor Jonathan Wright, assistant to the director Christine Armbruster, camera, […]

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Sometimes I spend all day making the biggest pot of stock, only to boil it down to just a tiny condensed jar.

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Website Updates

Yes, I do have a full website and yes, I do update it with frequency.  Check it out at  Just did a whole round of updates under the “Lifestyle”, “Travel”, and “Food” tabs.  Some oldies and some new images to both the blog and the website.  Check them out, let me know what you […]

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