Utah Photography Dates

I am coming to Utah November 14-21 to photograph the third annual Juice ‘n Java pin up calendar.  However, in between catching up with the ladies, rock climbing, and adventuring all over my old stomping grounds, I will have room for more photos.  If you need some family photos, baby photos, images for a new menu, or […]

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Russian Mormon Videos: Тимур Кодиров – Бизнесмен и Мормон [one of five]

Over a year ago, I went to Moscow, Russia with The Church of Jesus Christ and Brigham Young University to create a series of five short documentary videos about Mormons in Moscow.  They are being released currently, so I will continue to “release” them on my blog one week at a time.  Subtitles are available for those non-Russian speakers […]

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Olvera Street, Los Angeles, California

Rediscovered photo from just outside of Olvera Street, Los Angeles, California.

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Savory Stuffed Apples Recipe: Portland Food Photography Studios

There’s something about fall that makes everything so much more savory.  The crisp air, the crunchy leaves, and all those delicious flavors to take over the summer ice creams and fruit laden pies.  Sausages and sage take over the palette and we take a hiatus from the sweet things until the holidays.  I found a recipe in Canal House, one of my […]

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Sometimes I Need to Romp in the Forrest

Sometimes I need to romp in the forrest and kick leaves and touch mushrooms. Michigan.

Michigan, Michigan state.. how I’d love to live in you

There has been a song in my head for a while by Devendra Banhart in which the chorus is “Michigan, Michigan state.. how I’d love to live in you.  Oh I’ve never been to Michigan state, still I want to live in you.”  It pretty much sums up how I have felt about Michigan for […]

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F-Stop Magazine

There’s a thing called F-Stop Magazine.  It’s an on-line magazine with articles, curated galleries, and featured photographers.  And I’m in their monthly curated gallery with the current topic, “Helping”.  Hop on-line, check out the other great works, and enjoy! “The Water Bearer” Baikalsk, Russia 2011

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Fish Bar, Chicago: Restaurant photographers Portland

When I had first moved to Chicago, a good friend gave me the tip to go to DMK Burger Bar as much as possible.  I went once, fell in love, then got distracted by the multitude of restaurants to choose from in the city.  Next door is a place called Fish Bar, and I am […]

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Milwaukee Days

Somedays I go to Milwaukee.

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San Antonio Dates and $25 (or more!) off!

I’m coming to San Antonio.  In a week.  Short notice, I realize, but it snuck up on me a bit.  And by that I mean, I planned it a week ago.  Sorry everyone.  But I will be in San Antonio for a quick trip.  Three days of photography madness.  Book your session because time slots […]

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