Pan Hellenic, [Greektown, Chicago]

I think I lost my adventure shoes for a little bit, but don’t worry, I found them again.  They took me to Greektown on a multi-cultural adventure with a visitingUtah friend, Michelle for tastes of Gyros and baklava.  We came across this little bakery, Pan Hellenic, with the most delicious little sweets filled with honey […]

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Navy Pier, Chicago

Navy Pier, Chicago

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The Tavern Tree House, Chicago [Preview]

Tavern at the Park recently opened the Tavern Tree House, a third floor roof top on the Prudential Building.  It is such a beautiful outdoor restaurant and bar with an inclosed glass section with a retractable roof for rainy days.  I’m doing more photography work for them today, but was excited to show this image […]

City Carnival

There is a wonderful/horrible tourist trap downtown called Navy Pier.  It’s an overpriced permanent carnival out on a pier with kitch restaurants, boat tours, and carnival rides.  I hate it because it is such a tourist trap, but I love it because it is a permanent carnival downtown with fireworks twice a week all summer […]

Summer Afternoon Sandwich

I think summer has arrived.  I am not really sure.  I tend to disappear during the transitional time, reappearing right in the dead of summer where you can’t argue that it is any other time of the year.  It’s been hot lately, beach days have happened, but the dog days have not settled in.  I […]

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