Babbling with a brook, making friends with trees

“I’ve sucked way too much cement this year.  Bad juju rinsing off them city sidewalks.  I need to babble with a brook or two, inhale starlight, make friends with some trees.” – Tom Robbins, Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates [Images taken in Kanosha, Wisconsin]

Kanosha, Wisconsin

Nothing like a good roadtrip to clear the mind.  Michigan was the intended destination, but with a few shuffle of plans, one of my highly idolized states was set aside for Wisconsin.  A few friends and I went North.  A general direction in mind, Dunken Doughnuts the fuel, and Howlin’ Wolf for a soundtrack, we crossed […]

Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

The NATO protests have taken a fair toll on my work at the restaurant I’m serving at.  Many are complaining about all the extra cops that are getting paid to sit on park benches, waiting for a riot to break out, and the road closures getting in the way of daily commute.  But somehow all […]

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Heirloom Restaurant Group’s Hog Day

Shortly before leaving Utah, I was asked to participate in Hog Day, the big, frequent day where the pigs come in from Christiansen’s Farm and they get divvied up into different cuts for the various restaurants for Heirloom Restaurant Group.  It was fantastic to get to be part of the action and learn how the back of […]

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Lately I have been doing the following: -working 40+ hours a week at a restaurant -editing photos for a company based out of Tenessee -working on a documentary photography project involving the lady above -overcoming bronchitus -rollerskating as much as possible -entertaining friends visiting from out of town -photographing each of the Chicago neighborhoods for the Chicago […]

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Chinatown, Chicago

Like most other major (and minor) American cities, there is a Chinatown.  And like most of the people who I keep close to me, I’ve got a great adventure buddy who goes on Chicago adventures with me.  Last week we went to Chinatown, ate as many strange candies and pastries as we could imagine and went on […]

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