Grandpa Delmar

That’s my grandpa at the ripe age of 92, two years ago. I found this photograph yesterday while looking for images for his funeral and forgot how much I love this photograph of him that I took at his friend’s 50 yr wedding anniversary.  I also came across this rough scan from a project I […]

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New Project (CAIR Chicago)

A few weeks ago I started a new project involving Muslim girls around my age here in Chicago.  Invited to do so by an old professor and for a show curated by him and a friend, it should be an interesting project.  The exactness of the project still hasn’t fully formulated, but I keep shooting […]

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The L-Train

There are a handful of reasons why I moved to Chicago, many of which revolve around the L-Train, short for the elevated train.  Somewhere between an New York Times Article and a song, I always wanted to live near the L.  Despite the news article being about terrible conditions of people in the city having […]

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Spring happened the other day.  I feel like spring is one of those things that happens.  One day you wake up, tulips are everywhere and suddenly you can’t see the street because the tree in front of your window is bright green of new leaves. [Image taken in Lincoln Park, Chicago]

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Maria’s Cakes [Moscow, Russia]

A blog post  written a month or so ago, but deleted in the blog mayhem, resurrected today for those who couldn’t access it.  Also, it’s my birthday.  How convenient to be putting up photos of birthday cakes. Image taken for a woman in my Moscow neighborhood of the delicious small business of cakes.

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Communal Restaurant Lunch Menu [Provo, Utah]

There’s a good chance you’re going to be hungry at the end of this blog post.  I’m starving just thinking about that last image of the Communal Blue Burger.  Bacon ground into a hamburger patty, pickled zucchini, blue cheese sauce.  Seriously.  If someone could send of those my way right about now, I think I […]

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