Some Days Are Sick Days

Some days are sick days.  Sometimes those sick days become sick weeks.  Conveniently enough, the day I got to Moscow, the boy I am watching came down with a miserable cold.  This cold has resulted in sick week, lots of tea, doctors visits, and chicken noodle soup until it comes out of your ears.  Been good […]

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One Day I Will Marry a Butcher

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions on this one.  For some reason I just decided that would be the most appropriate thing to do.  I love to photograph butchers.  For some reason I just can’t get enough.  So, what would be more appropriate than marrying a butcher?  Maybe becoming a butcher?  I did learn about butchering pigs the other day […]

Ragout, Moscow::Рагу в Москве

Yesterday my dear friend Gloria (whose boy I’m watching for the next two weeks) and I decided to have a day of adventure.  It started off with the metro to center where we wandered around, went to appointments, and coveted over all the beautiful fur coats we saw on the street.  Someone once told me […]

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