Russia Photo Mini-Gallery

Starting end of this weekend, I will have some photographs up in the Provo Juice ‘n Java from Russia.  Some have been seen before, others not.  So, go check it out 280 W. 100 N.  They’ll be up until the end of October!

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Interior Sneak Peek

For my architecture photography class, we have been learning about photographing homes and businesses, inside and out.  Earlier this week I photographed an apartment in the basement of a commercial building in downtown Provo.  It’s a fantastic apartment, designed by the architect that lives in it.  I’ll have more photographs coming up soon, just thought […]

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Exterior of a Home in Mapelton, Utah

          I am currently in a architecture photography class, where we get to photograph homes and business inside and out.  It’s an interesting class, as I have never really done this seriously, so I get to learn how to create these images professionally.  Which is always cool.  I love interiors, but […]

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Casino Interior and Exterior

  Sometimes  I love Reno.  Sometimes I hate Reno.  It’s a funny place like that.        

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Classic Lenin statue, found in each and every town in Russia.  Some big, and some tiny, yet each has one.

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Lyudmila’s Tombstone

While spending a lot of time in Yekaterinburg, I got to get into a routine.  I learned where to buy the best vegetables, eggs, milk, and water within a 5 minute walk of the apartment I was in.  I even found the small corner places where basil and other rare herbs could be purchased.  It was […]

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A big thanks

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who donated for my fundraiser.  Not only did we raise $7,000 but $7,512.  So thank you.  It is so very much appreciated. Image taken of Max, a dear friend in Moscow during an interview on our second to last day in Russia.

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UVU Review and Half Day Around

  Yesterday an article ran in the UVU Review, Utah Valley University’s newspaper about the project I’ve been working on in Russia.  It’s focused on Tree, as he’s the UVU student, but still about my project and still cool, so if you have a moment, read it on-line here.    

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Quiet (Siberia, Russia)

If there was anything I ever loved it was Russian trains.  I know I have said this multiple times, but I am still in love, therefore still applicable.  This photograph was taken somewhere in between Irkutsk and Yekaterinburg, on the long and quiet train ride that I made  after some intense experiences in Baikalsk (getting arrested by the […]

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$51 To Go (Russia documentary project fundraiser)

Incase you didn’t somehow know/hear/figure out (or maybe you’re new to the blog), I was in Russia over the summer working on a documentary film and photography project.  It was grand, it was fantastic, and I have a lot of work that I will anxiously post.  However, I am currently doing a massive fundraiser to […]

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