View from Moscow Apartment

Recently I’ve been really into thinking and photographing what people see outside of their windows each day.  It’s interesting the things we look at each day, often taking for granted the view or even just ignoring what is around us.  Paulo Coelho once said, “When each day is the same as the next, it’s because […]

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Lack of a Laptop [aka Summer Vacation]

Hey, all.  The day before leaving Russia, I had a spill at breakfast, frying my laptop up a bit.  Perhaps it is my logic board, or perhaps it is something else.  Luckily, it’s under warranty and almost everything is backed up.  But, for about a week or so, I will be without a laptop.  Summer […]

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University Art Auction

Announcement #2 of the week (warning–there will probably be 3 as I make my return to the States). I have a piece in the University Art Auction later this week.  It’s going to be a fantastic event, full of good art by students for completely reasonable prices.  It’s an auction, so prices will start low, […]

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San Antonio Photo Sessions and Fine Art Sale

I should have started promoting this a month ago.  But sometimes I forget, so a little last minute promotion! I will be in San Antonio starting the 18th for a few days.  If you want a photo session with me, contact me!  Also, I recently moved about 3 boxes of prints down to San Antonio […]

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Hiking Norway

A lot of the time that I spent in Norway was outside.  I somehow hit the one week a year when it is sunny and warm.  I managed to show up just as summer was both arriving and leaving.  Norwegians have a great theory that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad […]

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Burnt by the Sun

Nicholi, pulling in a wheelbarrow of freshly cut wildflowers and grass from the field across from his dacha for his rabbit collection. Kamskiye Polyany, Russia

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No. 5: Friends

I stood and mourned as I watched the best one slip away once again. Once upon a time, I started this brief and rough series.  Recently remembered of it, I decided to continue to work on it.  [image taken in Stavanger, Norway]

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Stavanger Residences

Stavanger is a fantastic interesting blend of a small fishing town and a tourist destination.  There are all the quaint homes with beautiful flowers on the door steps just blocks away from where the big cruise ships dock for day long expeditions.  While going out on an expedition of our own, we were waiting for […]

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Garden dweller, Stavanger

Norwegians love trolls.  They are their garden gnomes, bringing good luck to the house.  This boy is not a garden gnome nor a troll, but also a garden dweller.   Just hanging out, maybe also bringing good luck, but with the look on his messy face, I doubt that very much.

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Scandinavian Church

Coming to Norway, I am reminded about how much I love Scandinavian architecture.  The modern elements that they perfectly capture seem to sum up the culture of being simple and conservative.  The strong and sure lines creating the solid blocks create such a clean composition.  One that I just cannot get enough of.  This picture […]

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