Exposed roots

Exposed roots of a tree, taken in Portland, Oregon in April.  

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Novosibirsk crush

                  Generally speaking, I love every place I go.  Each place I even stop by, even for a day, I have a crush on.  I imagine living there the rest of my life and can see it being a possibility.   I’m pretty easy to please when […]

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Train station, Siberia

  Somewhere past Novosibirsk and before Irkutsk is a train station with narrow platforms filled with vendors selling dried fish, miniature strawberries, and homemade pastries.  Also, on this narrow platform, are men such as this one.  Saying he has fought in many wars and now wants my money for it.

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4th of July, Russia Style

                                Yes, the 4th of July was now 4 days ago, but I am going to pretend like the 4th of July is like Halloween, where you kind of celebrate it for a week, maybe even stretching it out to […]

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Lazy Sailor

Image taken in Polevskoy between questions during an interview of the boy’s father.    

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Early morning sun, Moscow

          One of my favorite things to do in cities I have never been to before is stay out all night.  It is so fascinating to me to see how a city works overnight.  I feel like there is no better way to get to know a place than that.  You […]

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Alexandar and his mother

  I thought I had already blogged this photograph taken in a small cottage area of Yekaterinburg.  However, I can’t seem to find the post… so if I did, I apologize for this image twice. The man is Alexandar and the woman is his mother.  He allowed for the image to be made, she did not.  Unfortunately for […]

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Interior, Krasnouralsk

  A corner of a babushka’s apartment in Krasnouralsk, Russia.   Complete with wall paper of nature and her cart.    

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