The old women that tend the garden

                I have been spending a lot of time recently with some old women throughout Russia.  A goal everytime I get close to an old woman is to make friends, as the babushki here are known to be hard and cross.  These two women are particular favorites of […]

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Russian Wildflowers

One thing that I really love about Russia is how beautiful it is.  I came during the time of the year where the forests are full of flowers as well as the big open fields.  I thought Texas had some great wildflowers, but it would seem they were quite beat by quite a bit by […]

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Kazan Metro

Russia has got some of the best metros, hands down.  From Moscow’s metros decorated with parts of cathedrals torn down during the Soviet Era to Kazan’s Eastern-influenced modern architecture, each metro stop is beautiful and interesting.  And clean!  This was one of the metro stops in Kazan, a long corridor that stretches over a major boulevard high above ground.  It […]

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Carnival Over Kamskiye Polyany

As common throughout many of my photographs: a carnival.  I just love them.  Perhaps one day I will run away with one despite people telling me it is not as romantic as it sounds. Recently, I have been in Kamskiye Polyany, a town of 18,000, built for 140,000.  There are many empty apartments, empty booths at […]

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City vs. Journey//Город или Разъезд

A while back in Krasnouralsk, I had a long sit in a car while a train decided to take its lunch break mid-crossing the road.  Right behind the car was this sign, the one to the left points to the city and the one to the right points towards “journey, patrol, wander”.  Naturally, I would […]

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Side View

Side street in Moscow, Russia.

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Journalist Face

At one point during this project, Tree looked like this.  I’m pretty convinced that he doesn’t look at my blog frequently, so I feel like I can get away with posting this.  We like to keep what happened a secret.  Not because it need to be a secret, but just because life is a little […]

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Unknown building, Moscow

I don’t know a thing about this building, except that I liked it.

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Metallurgy Day: Krasnouralsk, Russia

I have a new favorite holiday: Metallurgy Day.  The holiday is to celebrate the town of Krasnouralsk (other towns have the same holiday) and the copper smeltering plant there.  I was not sure what I would think of the holiday as it is a small town and I had high hopes despite pessimistic outsiders.  It […]

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Train Platform: Somewhere in Siberia

I have spent a lot of time recently on trains.  As in roughly 6 of the last 11 days.  That is the beauty (and curse) of the project I am currently working on and the vastness of Russia.  I would say that it is both beautiful and miserable to be on a train.  However, half […]

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