Spring in Portland, Oregon

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Alexandar, the junk shop owner

  His name is Alexandar, his full title has six other parts.  He runs a small stand at the Izmaylovo market in eastern Moscow where you can buy Soviet patches, pins, various books, and the occasional jacket.  An odd assortment of purchasable items cover the table and are pinned to the wall behind him.

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Home of Lilya and Serhei

              While in Moscow, we got to stay with a lovely couple, Lilya and Serhei.  They lived in a beautiful home just outside of the main area in a small home with a large garden.  They were simple.  Lived a simple life and backpacked across the world as often […]

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Fish and Cigarettes

  Unusual street vendor of fish and cigarettes on a cardboard box. Kazan, Russia.    

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Moscow Rain

  My first week in Moscow it rained everyday and I was quite nervous for the rest of the trip.  Since then, we have not seen but a quick sprinkle.  Now it is just hot.  

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Kazanskaya Train Station

  To get a train ticket in Russia, you have to be patient, lucky, and decent at Russian.  You stand in one line for twenty minutes when it closes down, move to the next for five and it also closes, the next line you get to you almost make it to the front when it […]

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Sentimental Artifacts

Image taken inside the groom’s home at the recently photographed Chinese tea ceremony and wedding in the Pacific Northwest.  

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Kazanskaya Railroad Station

  If all goes as planned today and the paperwork comes though, I will be here today on my way to Kazan.

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Henri Cartier-Bresson and the theatre

  There once was a man by the name of Henri Cartier-Bresson and he knew where it was at.  There’s this thing called “The Decisive Moment”, the most glorious of all moments in a photograph.  It’s the moment when the photographer decides to capture the frame.  This is the moment that makes or breaks a […]

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  Timur, photographed in his apartment in Moscow

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