Mushroom madness [гриб безумие]

                  I was told that mushroom season is at the end of the summer.  Around August, the city fleas to the forest to pick as many mushrooms as possible and necessary.  They will then be cleaned and pickled for winter, eaten in every dish in the summer. […]

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Smoke break

  Walking through Krasnouralsk, there was this truck that looked older than any other working truck I had ever seen.  It was mildly janky.  As in the crane was crooked.  This man was working the truck, taking a cigarette break as the un-photographed men worked above on some poles.

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Ferris Wheel, Yekaterinburg

  In each major city I have been in throughout Russia, I have seen ferris wheels.  And for that, I love Russia.  For those of you who bore of all my photographs of carnivals: I am sorry.  I just love them. This one in particular was in Yekaterinburg.  Taken on rainy Russia Day.  A day […]

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Aiden & Marina

  I came to Kazan, a thirteen hour train ride from Moscow, expecting to run into not only a lot less foreigners, but English speakers especially.  Through Couch Surfing, I had a pleasant surprise, when I stumbled across this fantastic couple to stay with.  She from Moscow and he from Glasglow.  Who would have thought. […]

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Radio Shop


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Anya and Valentina

  About a week ago I got to go to Krasnouralsk to visit Anya’s grandmother with her and do some filming for my project.  Her grandmother, Valentina, is close to 90 years old and just one of the most pleasant old women you’d ever meet.  She took us on a tour of her small town, […]

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Evening Swing

  Last week we went to Krasnouralsk  to work on my documentary film project.  While walking around the town with one factory.  We met a handful of interesting people, from school teachers to factory workers to an army of drunk 14 year-olds who would do anything to get on camera.  There was one park in […]

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Pin-up Motorcycle Outtake

Going back to some of the pin-ups I did last winter (a small break from some of the most recent Russia images).  Here is another pin-up series outtake, this one of the lovely Marisa. And for all of those of you who bought a calendar and loved it (or even those who missed last year’s), […]

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Brick Park

  I’m not exactly sure what happened here, or what is happening here, but nonetheless, I found it interesting. Kazan, Russia.

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Stirring the Borsch

While staying with our Lilya, she was fantastic enough to teach me how to make Borsch, a traditional Russian soup.  Like any other soup, Borsch can be made with various ingredients, amounts and ways.  However, this is how she taught me: in a skillet gradually add: 2 tablespoons of oil. a large onion. 4 cloves […]

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