Stairway Decor: Moscow, Russia

  I am prepared and my camera is ready for rugs on the walls.  However, this 3D framed image above the elevator in a stairway in Moscow was for some reason a shock to me.  I loved it, but mainly I love whoever decided that there needed to be some great crafty art above the […]

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Moscow Sights

  Yesterday I got into Moscow, Russia after who knows how long of traveling. Today I ventured out into the world of public transport to meet up with the group that I’m filming my first project with and we took off for location scouting.  Many of the locations we’re shooting at are iconic places such […]

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Goodbye, America (aka Cross on the Hill)

By the time this post gets up on-line I will be in the air on my way to Moscow, Russia. Around this time last year I was walking around the streets of Mostar, Bosnia and found a cross on a hill just a little ways outside of town.  I only spent a few hours in […]

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Gum Bi-Chromite Prints (Swing I & Swing II)

This last semester I took a course called Alternative Processes in which we went through many various wants to make prints or make images the way photographers would have years ago using current images.  These include cyanotypes, van dyke browns, and platinum, as well as newer ones such as a fuji lifts and transfers.  For […]

El Paso Sun

  Morning sun on the border of Mexico near the entry point to Juarez.

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Pin-up Hitchhiking Outtake

  I think I have posted the entire calendar now, so… time for outtakes!  (Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one)

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Goodbye, Provo.

  Goodbye Provo.  I’m heading on a road trip today down to Texas where I’ll be for a week before heading out to Russia where I’ll be until 19 Aug, then back to Texas and eventually up to Utah.  See you eventually. The blog posting here will be getting a little bit more sparse and […]

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Street Vendor, Seattle

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Seattle-style Home

  I’ve just spent the last few days in Seattle, and maybe I love it and plan on living on a boat here as soon as possible.

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