Russia Adventure 2011

      Today I pick up this kid from the Moscow airport and we start the grand adventure of 2011 where we start on one end of Russia and make it across to the other side to work on our documentary project (with a pit stop in a secret location to make sure my […]

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Soviet Apartment

            A few years ago I was introduced to one of my favorite photographers, Olga Chagaoutdinova.  She photographed in some of my favorite places and some of my dream places and repeatedly.  For three years she went (or maybe just stayed) in Russia and photographed the interiors of people’s homes.  […]

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Feathers and Purple Dresses


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Russian Beaches and Superstitions

  When I first started telling people I was going to Russia for the summer, I got a lot of “Oh! It’s so cold there!” and “Aren’t you going to freeze?”  and “Be sure to pack lots of fur!”  Dear everybody who was so concerned, last year Russia had a heat wave that killed thousands […]

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Featured on the blog “Why So Red?”

Yesterday the project I am about to go full speed towards got featured on the Eastern Europe blog, “Why So Red?“.  It’s an interesting little blog about current and past events in ECE (East Central Europe) about everything from athletes to politics to art.  So if you have any interests in that region, check it […]

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Permanent Summer Camp

                  Sometimes while traveling I feel almost as if I am at a summer camp.  I don’t know if it is because it looks like a summer camp with the woods and the rivers and the air of summer as my obligations have switched from school to […]

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Brad Out-take

Outtake from the pin-up girl (and one boy) series I did for Juice ‘n Java.  I just love this picture, so much it’s even on my main website.

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Dacha harvest

  For the first series of films that I am working on here in Russia, I got to go out today to Sokol to a dacha.  Dachas are what America needs to get into.  They’re summer homes and just beautiful.  If I could live my whole life in a dacha I would.  Except I get […]

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Alternative Processes Exhibit

Until the end of June I have four pieces in an exhibit on alternative processes in photography.  The exhibit is currently going on in the Harold B. Lee Library Auditorium on the first floor (BYU Campus).  So if you’re around, you should really go check it out.  It’s really cool and beautiful, unlike these poor […]

Juarez, Mexico

  Juarez, Mexico.  Taken out of my car window while looking for a place to get my safety and emissions done on my car in El Paso, Texas.

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