The delicious of the delicious (Station 22)

Some food photographs from a recent shoot with Station 22 Cafe in Provo, Utah.                                 For real though, this food is delicious.  If you get a chance anytime soon, head over to Station 22.  Also, they just got a new […]

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EDP/Sowers of Hope Fashion Show 2011

                                                                                          Earlier this month I got to photograph for the annual […]

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New Project [Russia 2011]

  This summer I will be taking off for a new adventure (in two weeks and two days, to be exact).  After doing a short film project for two weeks,  I will be meeting up with a good friend to take off for three months of adventure trekking across the entire 10,000 KM that is […]

Gas Stations

                  Images taken of a gas stop in Provo, Utah.      

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The Glamour Preservation Society

                              Recently I got to photograph for The Glamour Preservation Society.  We have been talking for a while about doing some pictures and with the pressure of one of them heading to India for a few months and me leaving for […]

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Industrial Skylines, Galveston, Texas

          Oil rigs and telephone poles. Galveston, Texas. [Kodak Portra 400NC 120 film]    

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Slippery Kittens Burlesque

                                                                                                  Back in January I got to […]

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  Just a little teaser of the post for tomorrow: Burlesque. I have four photography projects that I turned in recently for a final and I’ll start posting on here probably one a week to space them out. Also, it’s looking like it’s week of scandalous images on my blog.  I’ll post something tamer later […]

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Pin-up Girl in a Bathtub

Yet another pin-up girl.  This time in a bathtub.  Conveniently she is also Miss April, arriving a few days into April (unless you got the calendar that is).

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Leaving Provo

Remember that time you said “Hey Christine, I really want you to photograph _______ for me at some point” (insert “my family” “some headshots” “a really cool product I make” “my custom made home” etc.)?  Well, now is that time.  I’m leaving for Russia for my typical out of control summer adventure and will be […]

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