EDP/Sowers of Hope Fashion Show 2011

                                                                                          Earlier this month I got to photograph for the annual […]

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New Project [Russia 2011]

  This summer I will be taking off for a new adventure (in two weeks and two days, to be exact).  After doing a short film project for two weeks,  I will be meeting up with a good friend to take off for three months of adventure trekking across the entire 10,000 KM that is […]

Gas Stations

                  Images taken of a gas stop in Provo, Utah.      

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The Glamour Preservation Society

                              Recently I got to photograph for The Glamour Preservation Society.  We have been talking for a while about doing some pictures and with the pressure of one of them heading to India for a few months and me leaving for […]

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Industrial Skylines, Galveston, Texas

          Oil rigs and telephone poles. Galveston, Texas. [Kodak Portra 400NC 120 film]    

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Slippery Kittens Burlesque

                                                                                                  Back in January I got to […]

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  Just a little teaser of the post for tomorrow: Burlesque. I have four photography projects that I turned in recently for a final and I’ll start posting on here probably one a week to space them out. Also, it’s looking like it’s week of scandalous images on my blog.  I’ll post something tamer later […]

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  My second favorite holiday (to Halloween, of course) is Fiesta.  I just love it.  Maybe it’s not really a holiday, but to those of us from San Antonio, it is.  Take the week off of school and wander around smashing eggs filled with confetti on one another’s heads.  I can’t think of any thing […]

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Catherine: model work

Catherine recently decided to revamp her modeling book and asked me to help.  I got to spend two days with her on these shoots in both Provo and Salt Lake City areas.  It was fun to find new places and use old ones to create a whole new set of images for her to send […]

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Pin-up Motorcycle

Incase you were curious, today is my birthday. For my birthday I want a motorcycle license.

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