37th Street

37th Street, half a block away from the Sea, Galveston, Texas

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Announced: Summer Adventure 2011.

Although this may be old news to many of you, many of you many not know about my plans for this upcoming summer…. in which I will be going to…. Москва, Россия (Moscow, Russia!!) I’ve been putting off posting about it for a while because I’ve been waiting for a few things to come into […]

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Building: possibly London, England

I believe this building was in London.  I can’t think of where else it would be.  It was on a roll of film along with images from Moab, Utah; Austin and San Antonio, TX; London, England; and Sarajevo, Bosnia.  So really, it could be from anywhere.  The color for sure can’t be accurate and I […]

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Preview: Ashley

Recently I got to photograph Ashley for her 16th birthday as a gift from her parents.  We picked out outfits, a theme, and got a stylist and had a great time in the studio for a few hours the day after her birthday.  There will be a bunch more images to come, but until then, […]

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Moab on Slide Film

About a month before I left for Bosnia, I went on an adventure to Moab and did some test runs with some film I was considering using for my Sarajevo project.  I wasn’t planning on using slide film, but had some in my camera to use up anyways and figured the saturation would be appropriate […]

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