Goose Festival: Delta, Utah

          Over the weekend I went to the Goose Festival in Delta, Utah.  I didn’t really intend on going there… but sometimes you just end up somewhere, realize there is a large event going on, and have to stop by.  This is the reservoir where the  geese were hanging out… but […]

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Pin-up ….hot dog?

The title of the calendar is “The Girls of Juice ‘n Java… and Brad”   This is Brad.  The sole male of Juice ‘n Java.  And what’s a better way of photographing him other than eating our common favorite food: hot dogs.

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  If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live here.  Then I wonder why I live where I am when I know exactly where I want to be.

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Year-round carnival.

Dear Universe, please make carnivals year-round.  That would make my life a lot more convenient.  Love, Christine.

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Photoshoot with Ashley

A few weeks ago I got to photograph Ashley for her birthday.  We recently were able to narrow down our pictures and here are our top choices from the shoot!  We had such a great time doing various looks, including the last where we brought in tons of props and redid her entire look for […]

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Old lights

Old lights, photographed in a historic home in Galveston, Texas.

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Laura [Holga]

One upon a time it was warm and I was in Key West, Florida.  Unfortunately that is not the case right now.

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Happy Sailboats Day [aka Valentine’s Day]

Somehow I decided it was “Sailboats are better than love day”.  I think it went along the lines of the fact that I wanted to make a fancy treat, but I only have squirrel, dinosaur, and sailboat cookie cutters (I’m a classy and practical woman), but no hearts.  I didn’t feel too bad, because sailboats […]

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Man on the Bridge: Zencia, BiH

I feel like I’m in this weird funk right now.  I am not doing much with my Bosnia work and I don’t exactly have a project to start working on for this upcoming summer.  I’m just actually doing real commercial photography and school work.  It seems really strange to me because I always need a […]

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Station 22 Trains

Off of Center Street in Provo there is a restaurant opening today called Station 22.  They asked me to photograph various modes of transport for their walls (trains, planes, etc.).  They serve delicious sandwiches, soups, and has a salad bar.  So go check it out and grab lunch there, it opens today!

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