Goose Festival: Delta, Utah

          Over the weekend I went to the Goose Festival in Delta, Utah.  I didn’t really intend on going there… but sometimes you just end up somewhere, realize there is a large event going on, and have to stop by.  This is the reservoir where the  geese were hanging out… but […]

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Pin-up ….hot dog?

The title of the calendar is “The Girls of Juice ‘n Java… and Brad”   This is Brad.  The sole male of Juice ‘n Java.  And what’s a better way of photographing him other than eating our common favorite food: hot dogs.

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  If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live here.  Then I wonder why I live where I am when I know exactly where I want to be.

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Year-round carnival.

Dear Universe, please make carnivals year-round.  That would make my life a lot more convenient.  Love, Christine.

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Photoshoot with Ashley

A few weeks ago I got to photograph Ashley for her birthday.  We recently were able to narrow down our pictures and here are our top choices from the shoot!  We had such a great time doing various looks, including the last where we brought in tons of props and redid her entire look for […]

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Old lights

Old lights, photographed in a historic home in Galveston, Texas.

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Station 22: Provo, Utah

(salad bar) (french onion soup) (chicken parmesan sandwich) (seasoned fries and veggitalia sandwich) (head chef, J, with the meatball sandwich) Station 22 is up and running and the food is delicious!  I highly recommend it.  There is a salad bar with more than just iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing, but multiple types of lettuce, vegetables, […]

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Laura [Holga]

One upon a time it was warm and I was in Key West, Florida.  Unfortunately that is not the case right now.

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Happy Sailboats Day [aka Valentine’s Day]

Somehow I decided it was “Sailboats are better than love day”.  I think it went along the lines of the fact that I wanted to make a fancy treat, but I only have squirrel, dinosaur, and sailboat cookie cutters (I’m a classy and practical woman), but no hearts.  I didn’t feel too bad, because sailboats […]

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Man on the Bridge: Zencia, BiH

I feel like I’m in this weird funk right now.  I am not doing much with my Bosnia work and I don’t exactly have a project to start working on for this upcoming summer.  I’m just actually doing real commercial photography and school work.  It seems really strange to me because I always need a […]

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