Natalie & Brenden Formals: Galveston/Houston, Texas

Photographing Natalie and Brenden in Galveston made me love the small beach town an hour outside of Houston.  There were so many cool buildings with great stories still standing although hurricane Ika a few years ago nearly destroyed everything.  It just has a fantastic feeling to it, combining a beach town with the south (aka […]

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I broke a lens a few months ago and decided to replace my $950 lens with a $40 plastic camera.  So I bought an Oktomat, a lumography camera that takes 8 pictures in 2.5 seconds.  It’s pretty sweet and you can do all sorts of crazy things with it (and not so crazy things as […]

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ON SALE NOW AT MY STORE FRONT! By popular demand you can now order them on-line. $15.  Order one. Order three.  Don’t be ashamed, you know you want at least two. Use the “Pick up at studio” option to not pay shipping and just pick it up yourself at either Juice ‘n Java location that […]

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Big Cypress Gallery Swamp Walk [Holga]

The Everglades via Holga.  Swamp walk behind Big Cypress Gallery.

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Away We Go Pin-Up

I have reached a half-way point with posting my pin-up series…. and that makes me really sad and think that I might need to do more?  Or perhaps I can start posting outtakes…. my runner-up choices, spread it out some more…

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Motel Show by JJ Frioux

A fellow artist J.J. Frioux at school with me asked me to photograph a traveling motel show that he is doing in which he goes from motel to motel and sets up this installation and opens up the motel door for the show.  The installations are based on his travels and being a traveler and […]

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2011– Get Ready.

Last year I did a large blog post that was a year of top adventures in 2009.  It was lengthy, but it was fun and I enjoyed doing it.  I’ve been debating about doing the same thing this new year and realized that I post a lot, and so if you’re just getting into the […]

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